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IT, Research & Metadata Solutions (IRMS) was founded in 2012 and its goal is to strengthen research culture and modern approaches in social science and IT. Our organization is committed to the requirements of the highest standards and uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver best quality data supported by methodology and procedures that are scientifically approved and based on international standards.

IRMS Staff is highly qualified in all aspects of data collection design and implementation, from designing survey questions and samples to constructing appropriate data collection and quality control processes to delivering coded and cleaned datasets. IRMS staff has technical capacity in survey methodology, including pilot testing of survey questions, translation of surveys into multiple languages, and sampling, imputation, and weighting. IRMS staff also engages in qualitative data collection including focus groups and in-depth interviews. IRMS staff is skilled in conducting and overseeing all modes of data collection, from computer-assisted interviewing to traditional paper-and-pencil surveys, including multi-modal techniques.

Experts in our organization have qualifications which are competitive with international organizations. Our qualified experts are pioneers in bringing micro and macro data documentation international standards (metadata – DDI, SDMX, DC, FGDC, et al) in Georgia.