Job Opening

Research Manager
Location: Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and Brazil
Status: Closed
IT, Research & Metadata Solutions (IRMS) for SheMeansBusiness (SMB) Project seeks a temporary consultation services of Research Manager to assist in planning, organizing, and evaluating SMB research activities.
Launched in 2016, SheMeansBusiness is a global digital skills training program for female entrepreneurs. Spanning over 30 countries (number TBC), the program seeks to provide women entrepreneurs with the knowledge required to create and grow their businesses in the digital economy, and more recently with business financial management skills to sustain their businesses post-COVID-19.
The research wants to understand the potential impact of the pilot (financial management skills program), as well as gain initial insights about the efficacy of the in-person, pre-COVID (digital marketing) program. The goal of the pilot program is to understand what works and doesn’t work about the transition of this training from in-person to digital for the participants, in an effort to update and optimize the program for success. Information about the content will be also important. Toward this end, we will need to quickly mobilize a team to help assess the efficacy of the pilot and pre-COVID programs.

  • Understand what trainees think about pilot program content (business financial management)
  • Identify key programmatic areas for improvement (pilot)
  • Understand barriers to pilot program implementation / reaching hard-to-reach trainees
  • Source opinions on the pre-COVID program from past trainees (digital marketing skills training)
  • Produce soundbites for future public engagements based on the findings from 1-4
For #SheMeansbusiness program assessment, IRMS will employee qualitative and quantitative data collection to better understand perceptions of program stakeholders and beneficiaries by country. We’ll provide technical assistance for country community partners to deliver online, paper based or telephone study of the program to beneficiaries. Training and technical solution will be provided in order to account for cultural or logistic specification by country (Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and Brazil), where program has been implemented.

Job Description:

SMB Research Manager will use his/her technical skills, education, experience, and country knowledge to accomplish the following tasks:

** Assist IRMS staff in coordinating and overseeing the successful and timely implementation of research activities;
** Assist IRMS to conduct Key Informant Interviews (KII) and FGDs with stakeholders and program beneficiaries;
**Prepare and translate interview guidelines and transcripts for KIIs and FGDs;
** Support research team to recruit, manage and train interviewers for quantitative study (4 interviewers);


** A university degree in management, social sciences, or other fields relevant to the job
** At least 2 years of practical experience in the related fields
** Fluency in Spanish and/or Portuguese (Argetina, Colombia, and Brazil), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia), Filipino (Philippines)
** Fluency in English
** Strong knowledge and understanding of socio-economic issues in the country
** Ability to work constructively with colleagues in a fast-paced team environment



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