Qualitative Studies

IRMS staff also engages in qualitative data collection including Focus Groups and In-Depth interviews. Facility is equipped with all equipment to arrange and conduct all type of interviews. We're using special software to analyze the data. Our multilingual moderators and transcribers are trained to handle any size focus groups.
IRMS use robust protocol in correspondence with international standards, to control for the quality. All materials and questionnaires are checked, interviewers are supervised to minimize the errors.

Software specially designed for qualitative studies facilitates working with different data simultaneously. Transcripts and digital audio files are analyzed inside the software, which reduces the bias. Data archiving ensures that replication of the results are applicable at any stage.

Quantitative Studies

IRMS staff is highly qualified in all aspects of data collection design and implementation, from designing survey questions and samples to constructing appropriate data collection and quality control processes to delivering coded and cleaned datasets. IRMS staff has technical capacity in survey methodology, including developing, pilot testing of survey questions, translation of surveys into multiple languages, and sampling, imputation, and weighting. IRMS possesses most updated repositories (including Geo-referenced databases) & involves complex Sampling technics for effective sample selection & weighting.
IRMS possesses tools and capacity to implement qualitative studies using various types of data collection methods including: face-2-face interviews, computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI), web-based computer-assisted self-interviewing (web-CASI).

Monitoring of data quality is crucial; hence IRMS has developed complex protocols to check each stage of a study. Moreover, IRMS uses international data documentation standards, our qualified experts are pioneers in bringing micro and macro metadata documentation standards (DDI, SDMX, DC, FGDC, et al) in Georgia.


Market Research is crucial in providing the consumer understanding (Consumer Satisfactory Research) & market awareness necessary to make the best strategic and tactical decisions. IRMS can help you understand your market and identify opportunities, generate new product ideas and determine which are most promising, develop products with consumer appeal, and manage your products for sustained growth.
Our Research Team will develop customized marketing research using tools such as social media research, ethnography, segmentation, brand positioning, message testing, mystery shopping, pricing, etc.


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