Advancing National Integration (ANI)
Organization: USAID
ANI was designed to address a number of development challenges that are pervasive in Georgian society and are particularly problematic in areas of densely settled minority populations. Many citizens are not active in civic life and are isolated in regions far from the political and economic centers of Georgia. These tendencies are magnified for members of concentrated ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minorities and ethnic Georgians alike often point to Georgian language skills as the main impediment to integration but there remain deep-seated issues around religion, culture and stereotypes. These issues can be alleviated through direct continued interactions; yet in most regions, there is little contact between those belonging to different ethnic groups. ANI was designed with those needs in mind. The goal of ANI is to strengthen civic integration in Georgia, particularly among ethnic minorities. The project has three objectives: 1. Develop civic integration processes among young people across Georgia through practice and participation 2. Increase public awareness and education on diversity through the media 3. Support mechanisms for interaction between the Government of Georgia and ethnic minorities



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