Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment (JILEP)
Organization: USAID
JILEP was designed to support and strengthen the judiciary as an independent yet equal branch of government, and to improve Georgia’s commercial law system. The project is the most recent in a line of USAID projects focused on rule of law reform since the late 1990’s. JILEP is structured around four components: 1) strengthen judicial independence, accountability, and professionalism; 2) strengthen the institutional capacity of legal professional associations, legal rights NGOs, and the state legal aid system; 3) improve the quality of legal education; and 4) develop commercial law and improve commercial law-related practice. As JILEP was created to bring about a deep-rooted transformation of a flawed and complex system with various tightly intertwined elements, it was built upon the core principle of synergy. The methodology employed to achieve project objectives involved increasing the capacity of existing institutions and establishing new “USAID-legacy” institutions.



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